Basic phrases in English and their Tagalog meaning

Suitable phrases will help out in any situation: they will help to maintain a conversation and make the speech lively and relaxed. 

Do you speak English? Marunong ba kayong mag-Ingglés?
Do you understand? Naiintindihan ba ninyo?
I understand Naiintindihan ko hô
I don't understand Hindi ko hô naiintindihan
Yes Oo
No Hindi
Hello Kumusta hô
Thank you Salamat
Thank you very much Maraming salamat
You're welcome Walang anuman
how are you? kumusta?
I'm fine, thanks mabuti
I'm ok Mabuti naman
everything's fine Mabuhay!
Goodbye (formal) Paalam
Goodbye (alright then) sige
my name is FRED Ang pangalan ko ay FRED
I am FRED Ako si FRED
what's your name? Anong pangalan mo?
Please Paki
how old are you? Ilang taon ka na?
I'm ... (years old) Ako ay...gulang na.
Where do you live? (informal) Saan ka nakatira?
Where are you from? (informal) Taga saan ka?
Have you eaten yet? (informal) Kumain ka na ba?
What time is it? Anong oras na?