Colors in English & Tagalog

Learning English is essential for anyone because it is the most spoken language in the world. Knowing English will give you access to a better education and therefore increase your chances of finding a good job, it also offers you the possibility of studying different books that are not written in Tagalog and allows you to communicate with other people and meet other cultures . It is a way to improve your academic level, which has a positive influence on the self-esteem of each person. Today we are going to teach you a basic lesson if you want to expand your knowledge about how colors are written in English.

color kulay
beige murang kayumanggi
black itim
blond olandes
blue asul o bughaw
bright maliwanag
brown kayumanggi o kulay tsokolate
colour kulay
dark madilim
green berde o luntian
grey kulay abu
maroon kulay kastanyas
orange kahel
pink kulay rosas
purple lila
red pula
white puti
yellow dilaw