English Filipino Phrases to Get Around

English & Flipino phrases for tourists and travelers: with them you will be ready for any unexpected situation. There are phrases that can come in handy in any country and in any situation.

where is the ...? Nasaan hô ang.?
 airport erport
where can I get a taxi? taksi
bus bùs
coach bùs
train tren
ship, boat, ferry bapór
taxi tàksi
I need a taxi/cab Kailangan ko ng taksi
Is there a metered taxi? Mayroon bang taksi na may metro?
How much is the taxi fare going to the hotel? Magkano ang taksi papuntang hotel?
(I) am going to the Manila Hotel Papunta ako sa Manila Hotel
car kotse
bicycle bisikleta
What time does the . arrive/leave? Anóng oras hô áalis/darating ang.? 
I'd like a ticket tiket nga hô.
One-way isáng
Return isáng
1st class 1st class
2nd class 2nd class
plane eroplano
(I) am going to the domestic airport Papunta ako sa Domestic Airport
departure alis
arrival dating
late (arrival or departure) nahuli
early (arrival or departure) maaga


north hilaga
east silangan
south timog
west kanluran
turn Liko hô
straight ahead deretso
on the right (sa) kanan
on the left (sa) kaliwa
turn around umikot
infront (sa) harap
at the back/behind (sa) likod/likuran

Asking for Help

I'm lost Ako’y nawawala
Can I help you? Pwede ba kitang tulungan?
Can you help me? Pwede mo ba akong tulungan?
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)? Nasaan ang (palikuran/botika)?
Go straight! then turn left/ right! Diretso lang, tapos kaliwa/kanan!
I'm looking for FRED. Hinahanap ko si FRED
Hold on please! (phone) Sandali lamang po.
How much is this? Magkano ito?
Excuse me ...! (to ask for something) Makisuyo po…!
One moment please! Isang Saglit lang po.
Excuse me! ( to pass by) Makikiraan po!
Come with me! Sumama ka sa akin!
Where is the toilet? Saan ang comfort room?/Saan ang banyo?