Numbers in Tagalog

Two different set of number used in Filipino Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers.

Number English Tagalog
1 one isa
2 two dalawa
3 three tatlo
4 four apat
5 five lima
6 six anim
7 seven pito
8 eight walo
9 nine siyam
10 ten sampu
11 eleven labing-isa
12 twelve labindalawa
13 thirteen labintatlo
20 twenty dalawampu
21 twentyone dalawampu't-isa
30 thirty tatlumpu
40 tourty apatnapu
50 fifty limampu
60 sixty animnapu
100 one hundred isang daan
200 two hundred dalawang daan
1000 one thousand isang libo
2000 two thousand dalawang libo
10,000 ten thousand sampung libo
100,000 hundred thousand isang daang libo
1,000,000 one million isang milyon


Ordinal numbers in Tagalog are formed by using the prefixes IKA- or PANGA- before the counting numbers. For example, IKATLO (from ika + tatlo) or PANGATLO (from panga + tatlo) means "third" order.


1st una / panguna
2nd ikalawa / pangalawa
3rd ikatlo / pangatlo
4th ikaapat / pangapat
5th ikalima / pangalima
6th ikaanim / pangaanim
7th ikapito / pangapito
8th ikawalo / pangawalo
9th ikasiyam / pangasiyam
10th ikasampu / pangasampu

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