Time / Date / Weeks / Months / Seasons

Common Filipino Phrases

what's the time? Anong oras na?

It's common to state the time in Filipino by simply saying the hour (from the 24-hour clock) followed by the minutes, eg:

Time in Filipino

early morning madaling araw
morning umaga
noon tanghali
afternoon hapon
evening gabi
midnight hating gabi
yesterday kahapon
today (now) ngayo'y, ngayo
tomorrow bukas na
later mamaya na

Days of the Week

Monday Lunes
Tuesday Martes
Wednesday Miyerkules
Thursday Huwebes
Friday Biyernes
Saturday Sabado
Sunday Linggo

Months in Filipino

January Enero
February Pebrero
March Marso
April Abril
May Mayo
June Hunyo
July Hulyo
August Agosto
September Setyembre
October Oktobre
November Nobyembre
December Disyembre

Seasons in Filipino

spring tagsibol
summer taginit
autumn taglagas
winter tagyelo
rainy season tagulan
dry season taginit

Holidays in Filipino

Easter pasko ng pagkabuhay
Christmas pasko